Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More Labs Done

It was a typical day at the CC - gave some blood. Didn't get my scan though, that will depend on the tumor marker results. If my numbers are low, I won't get a scan for another 4 weeks. Waiting always seems the hardest. Maybe it's just the power of suggestion but I feel funny. Different. Talked to my gyn/onc for almost an hour. I swear she should do therapy on the side. She is amazing and always knows just how to ease my neurosis. She always lets me know that she'll fight for me as long as I fight for me. I obsess way more than I probably should sometimes. Some women fighting this disease seem to have such an amazing peace surrounding them. Unfortunately I am not there yet. Maybe because Goshdarnit, I'm too young to die. More women die from ovarian cancer than any other reproductive cancer. I can't find peace in that. Not now.
Anyway, that is all I really wanted to say.
I'm exhausted.


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Sarah said...

You are in my thoughts always. Give me a call I'm here for you

Kieran said...

Remember that you are beating this! I can only imagine how paranoid you must get. After what you've been through, all of your worries and fears are completely founded. Just keep in mind that you are young and yes, healthy. I believe it.
Oh and I picked up a book "Adoption Healing: A Path To Recovery" It looked like good reading and I sent one your way too.
Remember I am always here. A short flight or a long drive, whichever. Much love, Kieran