Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cheyenne 1995-2007

Cheyenne is a 12 year old girl that I added to my prayer list on the right of my blog. She succumed to leukemia after a recurrence of her battle with this disease. Prior to her recurrence she was disease free for 11 months after having endured 25 months of chemotherapy. Chey was actually the first child with cancer that I met after my own diagnosis. I met her while she was hospitalized with an infection and I was drawn to her spunkiness and happiness. Despite the fact that she was struggling to win her battle with a devastating illness, she carried a smile on her face almost every time I saw her.

Cheyenne had strawberry blonde peach fuzz hair, compliments of chemo, and blue eyes with delicately placed freckles across the bridge of her nose. She had a smile and a hug for everyone and would always help out with the younger children who were struggling with hospital stays, needle pricks, fear and fatigue. She wanted to become a researcher when she grew up and find a cure for cancer. She is simply an amazing, loving and beautiful soul.

I began visiting children's hospital in hopes to lift the spirits of children unaware that I was the one who would gain from my visits. These kids have given me a new appreciation and meaning in life. One of the nurses once referred to me as selfless but that isn't the case here. If any word describes my visits to the kids, it would be selfish, because they have given me something that I was desperately in search of - hope amidst adversity and true unconditional love.

I will miss you Cheyenne

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