Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's been a while!

I was so busy with school, finals, graduation, and finishing State boards. It still feels unbelievable, but I am a nurse :-) :-) I am working at the hospital that I really wanted to work at, and with children. I'm living my dream right now. School was truly just the beginning. I can't believe how much I learn every day that I am there!

I am working very part time and receiving radiation to my lungs (first round.) I did cancel my contract with Hospice. It was a combination of a strong feeling I had, and just a simple desire to keep fighting. Even though I made the decision originally, I couldn't come to peace with it. I tried to convince myself, but I knew it wasn't time for me to make that choice - not without trying the treatment for my lungs.
Of course with all of this, I am receiving the nastiest side effects. Right now I am experiencing some neuropathy in my feet, compliments of chemotherapy. Sometimes it feels as though I am walking on rocks barefoot. Radiation is bringing its own lovely side effects as well. Guess I am as pretty as a picture :-)

There really is so much to update on, which I will in the coming days. So much has happened with my mom (both of them) my reunion with my entire family and with Cameron. For now I must go, I have a lunch date with my good girlfriend.

Hugs to all,