Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tommorow is the day!

I just got back from children's hospital making rounds and visiting the oncology floor. There are a few names I want to mention so if anybody reading this will add these children to your prayers for peace and strength for their families and healing for these children. I will add a list with their names to the right of my blog.

Now, tommorow is my day! YEAH! I can hardly believe it. It has taken so much strength not to pack my bags after school last Thursday. I lost so much weight recently that I have very few pieces of clothing that fit and I'd end up unpacking them to wear them throughout the week. Ha! (I'm dying to shop but hoping to put on a few pounds first) I talked to my N-mom last night and made our final plans, although I will be speaking to her this evening too. We have planned out some of our time together and I can't stop thinking about how wonderful this is going to be.

I will definitely try to post while I am there if I can get my laptop hooked up. I actually talked to my doctor yesterday and asked him for a refill on ativan because I am so incredibly anxious about this trip. Fortunately he obliged (gotta love him)

I have put together some small gifts for my family. Basically just a little album with some pictures of me growing up and some more recent stuff from college, for my N-mom and I have a small gift for each of my siblings. I also have a small "book" that I've written for my N-mom about my journey to find her (I still promise to post that sometime soon) and the feelings that I've felt throughout that journey along with those since we found eachother.

My flight leaves at 12 tommorow. I'll post more this evening because for now, I'm going to go pack! :-)

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Anonymous said...

Nicole I am so happy for you.........I know how long and how hard you have wanted this. I hope she knows what a gem she has for a daughter. (((hugest hugs))