Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Job Assignment

I will still be taking care of the elderly couple but since my shifts are split, I was just assigned to a 4 year old little girl who has Down Syndrome and leukemia - she is in a foster home and she has been for most of her life. I am very excited about this because this little girl is actually the reason I applied at this HCC company - I'd heard about her in school and I really wanted this job. It just keeps getting better and better. =)

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loric said...


Just wanted to let you know that I read your blog and I am so happy the weekend went so well for you. I am so happy you had such a positive experience and that you are reunited with your family. Since my son Blake found me the sun has seemed a little bit brighter and the sky a whole lot bluer. I can't tell you how much it has meant to me to have the missing piece of my heart, my beloved son, back in my life. I am certain it is the same for your mom. As moms we can never completely fill that empty hole left by losing our child, so we just do the best we can hoping against hope that one day our baby will find us. I cried when I read your reunion story. It gives so many other mother's and adoptees hope that miracles really can happen. I know you don't know me, but just going through my own reunion only thirteen weeks ago, enables me to really identify with all the emotions you are currently feeling. I have been on cloud nine and as you have mentioned sometimes I wish it could stay just like this forever. I don't want it to ever become routine, even though I know over time we will become more settled and relaxed in each others presence. I have told Blake often that I will never forget or take for granted the wonderful gift and blessing God has seen fit to bestow on me and I know I never will. Enjoy your new life and family always and may everything good and wonderful come your way now and in the future. Congrats on your new job too.

Warm regards, Lori