Monday, May 21, 2007

Ready to meet my natural mother

At some point I will post my journey of searching for my natural family. I recently located my natural mother who ironically was searching for me at the same time I was searching for her. We had road blocks put in our way that prevented us from finding one another. Fortunately with help from a 3rd party, we were put into contact.

I had to finsish up this semester of school before we can meet. We live quite a distance from one another and I was also hoping to grow out my hair as much as possible so that I would look somewhat presentable. Fortunately my hair is now just long enough to have a bit of style and I don't look so much like a chemo patient. Not that anything is wrong with that, I just want to appear strong and healthy, which is how I feel inside at the moment.

I'm nervous and scared. Will I be what she expects? Will I be good enough? Will I look like her? Will we have as much in common in person as it appears we do over the phone? What will my siblings think of me? Will they like me? Can I be myself and will that be good enough?

So many questions........
4 more days and counting...........

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